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Are you bored?

I often hear women complain that their lives (or their mates) are boring, but there is absolutely no excuse for anyone to be bored – ever! Since routine, predictability, and passivity are the core of boredom, all you have to do to alleviate boredom, all you have to do is to change just one thing! [...]

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Romance is a Decision

This blog is devoted to bringing out your femininity and enhancing the skills you need to change a relationship that has become boring and routine into one that is exciting and romantic. True romance is making a decision to let your mate know in many ways that he means more to you than anyone else [...]

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Clear Communication Needs to be at the Top of Your List

When Amelia first came to class, she couldn’t understand why she never had more than a first date with a man. “I’m intelligent, young, and successful in the business world,” she said to me. “I don’t understand what’s wrong with me. What are men looking for, anyway?” she asked.It wasn’t long before she realized her [...]

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Feelings Just Are

One of the most common reasons that husbands and wives fail to communicate is because they actually fail to recognize their own feelings.For example, Linda, a student in one of my seminars, told me that it wasn’t until after the session on feelings that she was able to understand why she had felt so alienated [...]

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Take an Inward Journey to Find Happiness

No one I know enjoys being rejected, ignored, disappointed, or pushed aside for a more suitable mate, yet it is these very reactions from the significant people in your life that force you to look inside yourself and ultimately to stretch, grow, and gain more knowledge and understanding about yourself. Falling in love is the easy [...]

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Loving words from Leanda

I had the privilege of having a long distance telephone conversation with this special lady. I had purchased Light His Fire and Light Her Fire beforehand, in about 2004 and had been working through the program when I became stuck with an issue. Dr. Ellen invited me to call her and free of charge she [...]

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Want to feel connected? Try a 10 second kiss.

For years I’ve asked the women in my class whether they’ve ever felt lonely, desolate, and empty minutes after their mate has arrived home. The majority of women all nod in agreement. If you have this feeling too, I will give you a foolproof method to eliminate this particular problem. Tell your mate you’d like try [...]

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Take a Time Out

The first question I ask a woman who is complaining about her relationship or her marriage is, “How long has it been since the two of you went away alone together – by yourselves – with no children and no friends?” Usually the answer is the same: “I can’t remember,” or “It’s been at least [...]

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Appreciate The Man, Not The Gift

Gifts are a wonderful way of communicating when words are uncomfortable or not enough. In the beginning of any relationship, cards and little tokens of your love are given and accepted graciously as a way of saying, “I’m thinking of you,” or “I love you.” In response we take care to acknowledge the [...]

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Never postpone happiness

Women are sometimes surprised to learn that being a good partner goes far beyond paying your man compliments and wearing a sexy nightgown. It also means taking responsibility for your own happiness, a challenge that many of the women in my classes have accepted - some with hesitation and fear, others with excitement and [...]

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