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A Woman is Like a Garden

Jonathan was a delightful man in his seventies and had met his present bride at a social event in the retirement community where he lived. In a beautiful account of how to care for someone, he shared his thought. “I lost what I thought was going to be my lifelong mate many years ago. There’s [...]

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How to Seduce a Woman

When a couple first begins dating, there is usually no problem with conversation. In fact, one of the things I always ask a couple is, “Tell me how you met.” They describe their first date, and invariably one will say, “And we stayed up half the night just talking” or “We were supposed to go [...]

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Replace a Pet with a Person

Do you know that human beings die if they aren’t touched? Well, they do. A study conducted during World War II revealed that the babies in our sterilized American orphanages were dying in our sterilized American orphanages while the babies in several third world countries were surviving. When a reason was sought, they discovered that [...]

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Listen With Your Heart

Listening correctly is truly an art, but one that can be learned. In order to listen correctly, you must stop thinking about your response and concentrate, instead, on understanding what the other person is saying and feeling. How do you usually react when your mate comes home and shares an experience he had that day? [...]

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The Best Kept Secret About Men

A woman who knows that inside every man, no matter how old, how successful, or how powerful, there is a little boy who wants to be loved and to feel as if he’s special is a woman who knows a powerful secret. A man wants to know that he matters to you more than anyone [...]

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We All Want to Matter

One of the most rewarding feelings we can have comes from affecting someone’s life in a positive way. For most people, there is no greater joy than knowing that you brought another person more happiness, fulfillment, insight, or knowledge. In other words, because of you, the quality of someone else’s life improved. In contrast, finding [...]

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Sex Objects – Just Once in a While

Sherry came to class because she was tired of living with a grumpy, critical self-centered man, and was desperate to see if she could do anything to change the situation. “After the second week of classes, I returned home feeling ‘in love’ with my husband for the first time in many years,” Sherry told me. [...]

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How Dr. Ellen Kreidman became a marriage expert, by her husband, Steve Kreidman.

I met Ellen Wolf (later – Ellen Kreidman) in High School when we were both 17 years old. I was shy and introverted and she was outgoing, had a lot of friends and loved to talk. It wasn’t love at first sight, but she was the first girl that was willing to talk to me, [...]

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Listen With All Your Heart

In nine years of teaching classes for men and women, I can’t remember even one man complaining that his wife didn’t talk to him enough. In fact, I heard just the opposite. “She never stops talking.” My husband can summarize a two-hour movie in one minute. On the other hand, I would need at least an [...]

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One Tool To Save Your Marriage Without The Need For Counseling

If you trying to get him to go to counseling and he refuses or you are in counseling and it is not working, you can still save your marriage and turn around your situation no matter how bad it may feel right now. No matter how far gone or hopeless you think your marriage is, [...]

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